Learn It, Live It, Give It!

So I wrote this next post on the plane back from Trinidad & Tobago, in between lucid sleep, and then lost my notes but, since arriving back in London and trying to shake off jet lag, felt encouraged to start penning it from scratch.

Last week I bumped into a ‘life coach’, someone whose job it is to inspire other people to turn their dreams into reality. It was random – and very interesting – given I had only a few weeks earlier been watching one of his videos online about how, according to his mantra, to live the life you love.

As I traipsed past Sharkys bar in the beach town of Tamarindo, Costa Rica – a sports and rock n’roll haunt – I found myself drawn to a character walking casually in shorts and t-shirt; somehow I knew him and, before I could properly articulate what I was thinking, said: ‘Robbins? Jairek Robbins?’ ‘Yeah’, he responded in his US drawl.

I told him I watched one of his videos recently, in which he speaks to an audience about implementing a formula to inspire the world to live the life of their dreams. I was inspired!

Learn It, Live It, Give It, the formula goes. In Jairek’s own words, it gives insight into why so many people truly haven’t reached their potential in life and business and inspires them to take action.

Chatting about our respective travels, I told him I was immersing myself in Spanish, surfing and generally experiencing a new place, new activities and meeting amazing people. Jairek said he was living in Tamarindo for a month. He had just been volcano boarding in Nicaragua  – essentially snowboarding down a live volcano, reaching speeds up to 80mph. How cool, I thought? Living in a foreign country for a month, doing some exciting, adrenaline-inducing activities, with someone he adores.

It dovetailed with a question-and-answer session on the social network Quora I came across recently. The series of responses was prefaced by the question: ‘What are some of the most powerful life quotes’? I came across this from John Lennon:


It could be anything, from travelling the world to kicking back with your friends to owning your own apartment. In the midst of reading a cataract of other life quotes, it made me smile; it was simple, yet a lesson that is often forgotten.

The more I traverse emerging nations, the more I meet people who have less – sometimes much less – than their counterparts in more developed economies, and yet – and yet – seem a lot happier. Back in London, where the rain beats heavily down on the streets, in a city of extraordinary wealth and with more super rich than anywhere else on earth, ‘Learn It, Live It, Give It’ seems a philosophy we can all aspire to.


About emerge28

I travel the world, promoting foreign direct investment (FDI) into emerging nations via country branding reports within international media. The aim of my blog is to document some of the amazing places I travel to, the inspiring people I meet and chart how the world is changing, with power and growth moving east and south.
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