The top five places to ‘lime’ in Trinidad…

How’d you like to find the best spots in Trinidad to hang out in? 

Well, having spent the best part of four months living on the amazing twin islands recently, here’s the lowdown.

Party-loving Trinidad is a city that brims with energy and sings and shouts with all the verve of a vibrant, global city. No doubt it’s small – just 1.3m people on the island and its twin, Tobago.

While Trinidad itself is still emerging – its untapped oil and gas reserves are attracting significant interest from China, for example – there is one thing that Trinnis do that can rival the very best the world has to offer: liming.

Liming is essentially hanging out, socialising and having a good time. It can be a verb, as in ‘We liming on the beach today’ or a noun: ‘That party going to turn out be a big lime’, according to the urban dictionary. From time to time, we all do it. But to Trinnis, it is an art.

Here are my top five haunts to lime at if you are ever in Trinidad’s frenetic and exciting capital, Port of Spain (POS):


Locals enjoying a laidback lime on the island (left) and right, with friends at a beach lime in Las Cuevas, Trinidad


Despite the time difference (minus five hours for GMT) of kick offs, you will nevertheless find a good mix of locals and expats rubbing shoulders in this sports bar. Packed with LCD screens and surround sound, it boasts an awesome atmosphere and some tasty treats, though not if you want to watch your waistline 😉  The Friday after-work happy hour is a must.

Maraval Rd, Port of Spain, +1 868-627-8768


This Syrian-owned bar and nightclub certainly looks the part and is a great place to be on Saturday nights. Located on the heart of Trinidad’s famous ‘The Avenue’ – or, as it’s popularly known, ‘Lime Street’ – it’s pretty swish and you’ll hear a mix of mainstream and dance music, though don’t expect to see too many people whining – the island’s infamous gyrating dance.

Corner of Fitt St. & Ariapita Avenue, +1 868-225-2742


is a restaurant and bar – and a great chill-out haunt. Less raucous than The Avenue, you’ll nevertheless hear some very trendy music, in-keeping with the ambience and clientele. They serve amazing, homemade pizzas and pasta – and its creamy Tiramasu is, as their menu describes, “like heaven”.

Cipriani Boulevard, Port of Spain, +1 868-627-7497

Brooklyn Bar…

is a great after-work spot, especially on Fridays. With the crowd spilling onto the pavements, it is the oldest bar in POS and, due to its sub-zero giant chiller, boasts that it serves the coldest beers in town.

Carlos & Roberts Streets, Woodbrook, Port of Spain, +1 868-685 2010

Paprika Restaurant & Bar

The crowd make Paprika what it is. You’ll find a post-Trotters – and generally older – collective in happy and very merry mood, while others drop in and use it as ‘a launchpad’ bar for The Avenue. A little cliched in its musical choice, with old classics and rock’n’roll spinning late into the night, if you like your dancefloors crowded, Paprika’s the place to be. Its terrace is a fun place to ‘lime’ – and stays open until around 3am.

201 Western Main Road, Cocorite, Port of Spain, +1 868-6225930


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