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I travel the world, promoting foreign direct investment (FDI) into emerging nations via country branding reports within international media. The aim of my blog is to document some of the amazing places I travel to, the inspiring people I meet and chart how the world is changing, with power and growth moving east and south.

The Masai Mara: How to Experience Kenya’s Best Safari

Setting off to take up a front-row seat in the Animal Kingdom’s back yard, we watched the majestic Kenyan sunrise on a crisp weekend morning, like an image straight out of animated musical hit, The Lion King. It was just … Continue reading

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Top five places to watch the World Cup in…Nairobi

Whenever I touch down in a new destination – and that’s often! – be it a buzzing metropolitan city or a sleepy village, I often revert to TripAdvisor, or similar, to unearth the best restaurants, cafes and nightclubs. But on … Continue reading

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The top five places to ‘lime’ in Trinidad…

How’d you like to find the best spots in Trinidad to hang out in?  Well, having spent the best part of four months living on the amazing twin islands recently, here’s the lowdown. Party-loving Trinidad is a city that brims … Continue reading

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Nigeria’s secret treasures…amidst the doom and gloom

Listening to the news yesterday that 88 people had been killed and 200 injured at a bus station in Nigeria, brought a shudder to me. What was most shocking personally was that terror attacks – which has long been a … Continue reading

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Walking with lions…in Mauritius

When you think about Mauritius, author Mark Twain’s rendering that “God created Mauritius first and then heaven” comes to mind. In other words, it’s more about kicking back and sipping piña coladas on shiny, golden beaches in paradisal surroundings in … Continue reading

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Lifestyle design – as practised in Barcelona

Ever felt like taking some time out to do all those things you love, but never get around to doing because you’re just too busy? Well, I recently spent one month living in Barcelona: Catalonia’s cosmopolitan capital which sings and shouts … Continue reading

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How I bounced back to ski in one of the world’s best ski resorts

Lying in a hospital bed after a near-fatal injury, I wondered if I would ever get to ski again and participate in one of my favourite sports. It was at that moment I realised that all I loved about life … Continue reading

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